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Acrylic Mirrors Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic mirrors are ideal for children's rooms are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional glass mirrors and have many benefits including safety which is particular important when placing mirrors in a young child's room. All our mirrors are made from top quality acrylic material and are suitable for any room, building or outdoor space.

Are acrylic mirrors safe for children?

Mungai acrylic mirrors have the same brilliant, highly reflective surface as glass mirrors but are much lighter, stronger, shatterproof and therefore much safer.  They can be used with children of all ages and are a popular choice for nursery's.  The mirrors come with a protective film cover which prevents scratches and is easily removed when ready to mount. The laser cutting technology used results in the mirrors being perfectly smooth with no rough or sharp edges.  Beware of inferior imitations which use lower quality acrylic and cutting techniques which reduce the appearance, durability and overall safety. 

How do I install my mirror?

The following instructions will help you to get the best results when installing your new mirror:

  • Carefully remove protective film from the mirror face.  Do not use a sharp implement as it is likely to damage the surface.
  • Arrange the adhesive pads (supplied with your mirror) either as shown in the instructions or as a grid.  Be sure to use a soft surface to lay the mirror on when applying the pads to avoid any scratching. The adhesive pads are strong and therefore cannot be moved easily after mounting.
  • Allow several weeks for newly painted walls to cure before attaching mirror.
  • When placing the mirror use a soft cloth to press firmly against the areas of adhesive pads for 60 seconds to achieve maximum hold and avoid marks - the adhesive is pressure activated
  • For larger mirrors (above 30cm approx) it is strongly recommended that a silicone sealant is used in addition to the adhesive pads for extra hold.  Place dabs in spaces between pads making sure not to touch any pads. 
  • For areas of high humidity, i.e. shower rooms, we suggest a clear solvent free silicon is used around the edge of the reverse of the mirror, in addition to the fixing pads supplied.  Apply this as a thin bead approximately 2mm from the edge.  This ensures that the mirror is fully protected against condensation. 

Can acrylic mirrors be used outdoors?

If the outdoor surface is not smooth, we would advise fixing the mirror onto MDF or similar, which as been sealed and waterproofed for perfect results.

How should I clean my mirror?

To clean the mirror use a soft cloth and anti static polish/cleaner. Do not use glass cleaner or a solvent based cleaner.


All measurements of our small, medium, large and extra large mirrors are stated on the product page. Please check measurements carefully before ordering and please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions.